I am a fashion photographer, creative director and stylist.

I currently live in Bucharest, Romania.

I have a degree of Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours in Fashion Communication from Northumbria University.


I have been shortlisted for the Fashion Photography Award at Graduate Fashion Week.

My main inspirations come from my multi-cultural background. I grew up in Bucharest, Romania, with a Middle Eastern father.


Moving to the United Kingdom to continue my studies has been a way of observing the unique characteristics of my Eastern European background, such as the brutalist architecture, the mentality impregnated in the culture, and the youth, hungry for difference, craving the Western mindset.

Presently, I enjoy celebrating difference and creating engaging, controversial content.
I pride myself on my non-judgmental, community-oriented perception. My goal is to create supportive dialogue and celebrate differences between individuals. I strive to capture my subjects with the sensitivity I possess.


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